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Translating files using machine translation is not a new practice. Did you know that the first research machines that worked with compiled linguistic elements in databases dates back to the 50s? What’s new is that it’s been made more accessible and has greatly improved!

What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation engines are becoming more and more powerful while also performing a lot better. They are starting to become very useful with certain language pairs and certain domains. (To find out more on machine translation, check out our article that discusses machine translation)

Instead of making machine translation our enemy, at ACSTraduction we have decided to make it our ally. According to language pairs, the domains, and our clients objectives, we now offer a “post-edition“ service.

Is Machine Translation enough on its own?

To end up with an intelligible final translation product, the machine translation output must be corrected. And this is where our translation agency comes in (or maybe one day our post-edition agency?). Our post-editors (qualified and trained in post-edition) will proof-read the pre-translated text and check the meaning in order to provide you with a perfect final version. This is why, in order to ensure the high quality of your projects, it is extremely important to have your projects proofed by a specialised professional translator.

In which domains is post-edition required?

This service of post-edition is works well in the legal sector. For example, if you find yourself in the emergency situation of needing your terms and conditions or employee contracts translated, machine translation is well up to the task. In fact, it allows you to save a considerable amount of productivity. On the other hand, if you need a creative translation, evoking emotion, or dreams, for example in the tourism and communication sectors, human creationremains essential. If you are in a very technical sector, we would recommend that you have them translated by a professional translator. In fact, machine translation engines will not be capable of carrying out the necessary terminological research for the field, they will use more general terminology. As you will have realised, in post-edition everything depends on the sector in question!

Why should you trust a translation agency with your pre-translated documents?

At ACSTraduction, we are here to advise you and help you in deciding the best option for you according to your needs.

We will be able to inform you whether a proof-read machine translation output is better than the “original” translation method.

Trusting us with your machine translation output documents is guaranteeing confidentiality.

In fact, you should always remember that majority of public or free search engines retain your searches in their search engines and reuse them for other users who are carrying out similar research. With that in mind, confidentiality and protecting your personal data is almost impossible.

Furthermore, the reason you should seek out the help of a translation agency, beyond the fact that your MT output will be proofread and corrected by professional translators who specialise in your field, is because we use tools and software to protect your personal data.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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