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ACSTraduction is the ideal professional translation agency to assist you in developing your company’s reputation abroad.

We put our customer services at the heart of our translation and interpreting work, so you get customised services that perfectly meet your needs.

ACSTraduction cultivates a work ethic and values that make up the basis of our work and our relationships with our clients, partners, service providers and linguists.

The ACSTraduction method

For us, quality begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and a rigorous work method.
To this end, our professional translation agency has adopted the European quality standard ISO 17100:2015, which sets the quality standard for translation services.

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In order to meet your exact needs, we put particular emphasis on quick turnaround times and quality customer service.

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Our best translators in over 20 languages.

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You can monitor the status of your translation project in real time through your secure online account on our dedicated platform.

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You will receive documents that are ready to be used.

Your documents are translated
and formatted into their final form

ACSTraduction works with most formats, whether dealing with text or programming content, and we can translate directly into your professional software.


Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite (Indesign, Photoshop), Web (HTML, XML, Java Resource) Files.


Formats compatible with the back office of your Website – WordPress, Joomla, Woocommerce, Prestashop or in HTML.


String, .po, .pot, .xlif, .yml, .srt, .json, .html, Yaml ; .ocr, srt, etc.


Extraction of image .pdf file text and layout of the translation in your original format.

DTP & Formats

Software &
Mobile apps

Online Translations

PDF Formats
& Images

What our clients are saying about us


Excellent communication with our project manager. Excellent translation quality: very good.



Our project went very well with ACS-Traduction – my contact person responded quickly, was friendly, and kept me updated. They also were open to receiving comments or adapting their work to requirements specific to our operations on several occasions. The Flemish translation was of good quality. This working relationship will carry on!


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  • symbole d'ajout sur fond d'une partie du logo Our best translators in over 20 languages
  • symbole d'ajout sur fond d'une partie du logo Services provided according to the standard ISO 17100:2015
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