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Anke Seyberth

and Director

portrait de Anke Seyberth

Anke is a French and German citizen and holds a Master’s degree in foreign languages (LEA), with a specialisation in International business and law. She also holds the German degree of Industriekauffrau. Armed with her experience in the fields of industry, finance, law, and exports, she started out with a freelance translation business before founding the ACSTraduction multilingual services agency in 2014.
Anke has been a sworn translator certified by the Court of Appeal in Nîmes since 1999. The French, German and English languages hold no mysteries for her. She specialises in French and German translation in particular.

When I founded the translation agency ACSTraduction, my goal was to provide the best translations to our clients by working together with the most competent experts, chosen from around the world for the quality of their work and their extensive knowledge in specialised fields. ACSTraduction for me, is also people focused, an experience that I share with all my colleagues and collaborators.

Portait de Daphné Charpin-lèbre

Daphné Charpin-Lèbre

Business client manager

With a Master’s degree in Technical and Legal translation in English, French and Spanish, Daphné is the person to talk to for your business translation needs, and manages your projects from A to Z.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I developed a service for businesses at ACSTraduction. With my knowledge and experience as a translator, I have considerable expertise in the ins and outs of all kinds of translation projects. I really enjoy sharing my passion for languages with our clients on a daily basis.

Portrait de Floriane Bajart

Floriane Bajart

Individual customer services manager

Floriane, a project manager for ACSTraduction’s individual clients, holds a Master’s degree in translation. She is also a translator who specialises in legal and technical translations in English, French and Spanish.

Every client is different, and so is every project. It’s important to know how to listen and respond quickly in order to better meet your expectations – to me, this is a daily commitment.

Melanie Wilkos

Senior translator and proofreader (English) – German, French and English translation

Portrait de Mélanie Wilkos

Melanie is an American who specialises in administrative, technical and legal translations. She has a Master’s degree in specialised translation, and works in French, German, and English.

Customer service is very important in the United States. My dual culture is a real asset in my everyday work, and I focus all my energy on making your project a true success.

Karine McCalla

Accounting department

Portrait de Karine McCalla

Karine is your go-to person for any questions on your invoices and any administrative requests. Like the rest of the team at our agency, Karine is completely bilingual in French and English and also speaks German.

Portrait de Sophie André

Sophie André

DTP expert, B2C Project manager and Senior translator and proofreader (French) – French, English and Spanish translation

Sophie has a Master’s degree in legal and technical translation. She manages your translation needs for official documents, driving licences, diplomas, civil records, and more. She translates from English and Spanish into French.

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The best translators
in more than 20 languages

At our multilingual translation agency, we handpick for you the best translators, who are capable of flawlessly translating your words into your desired language. Our translator collaborators are native speakers of the language in which they work. They all hold university degrees and specialise in the fields in which they translate.

portait de Béatriz


Translation in Spanish

Beatriz is a sworn translator in Spain, who specialises in legal and technical translations. She also translates financial documents.

portait de Carmen


Translation in Spanish

Carmen, who is based in Spain, specialises in the translation of technical documents in various fields (metrology, automobiles, electronics, software localisation). She also likes working in the field of communications.

portait de Sally


Translation in English

Sally is based in the United Kingdom and works in the fields of renewable energy and new technology, particularly in the sports sector.

portait de Bernard


English to French Translation

Bernard is an expert in technical translations.

portait de Catherine


Translation in French and Italian

Catherine is also a sworn translator accredited by a Court of Appeal in Italy. She specialises in: legal, sales, business and marketing translations.

portait de Robby


Translation from Italian, Spanish and French into English.

Robby specialises in legal translations. He lives and works in the United States.

portait de Claudia


Translation in French and German

Claudia is a German sworn translator in France. She specialises in the legal and commercial sectors.

portait de Catharina


Translation in French and Dutch

Catharina is a sworn translator accredited by the courts in France and is based in the Netherlands. She has extensive knowledge of legal, medical, tourism, and commercial terms.

portait de Daniela absent


Translation in French, German and English

Daniela specialises in legal and technical translations. She also adores working in medical translation.

portait de Emeline


Translation from German, English and Dutch into French

Emeline is an expert in technical terms.

portait de Hai Hong absent

Hai Hong

Certified translation in French and Chinese

Hai Hong lives in France and translates legal and administrative documents, including Articles of Association and K-bis company registration documents.

portait de Hiroko



Hiroko is a sworn translator in France with extensive knowledge in the legal, commercial, cultural, and journalism fields.

portait de Élodie


Translation from Spanish and English into French

Elodie holds a Master’s degree in legal and technical translation is a former intern at ACSTraduction. She specialises in the legal and marketing fields.

portait de Sara


Translation in German, French and English

Sara holds a Master’s degree in Translation studies. She speaks three languages fluently, and excels at translating your technical and marketing materials.

portait de Mehdi


Translation in German and French

Medhi found his calling at ACSTraduction during his final internship for his Master’s degree in Specialised translation – software translation, website translation and technical translation. He speaks both French and German and is at ease in software environments.

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for talented and experienced translators. If you are a professional translator and would like to join our network of freelance translators, feel free to send us your application, specifying the languages you work with, your qualifications and your experience.


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